The Indigenous Mapping Workshop will be hosted at the University of Victoria's First Peoples House and in the cutting edge new lecture theatre of the Bob Wright Centre.

The Ceremonial Hall in the First Peoples House is built in the Coast Salish design, perfect for sharing during our plenary sessions and feast.

The lecture theatre in the Bob Wright Centre provides a comfortable place for Workshop participants to actively participate and interact with Workshop facilitators in the technical training sessions.


From Aug 25-26: First Peoples House

3800 Finnerty Rd

Victoria, BC

From Aug 27-28: Bob Wright Center

3800 Finnerty Rd

Victoria, BC


Any of the parking lots on the outside of Ring Road have General Parking available for visitors, so as you drive along Ring Road (Ring Road is all one-way), keep your eye out for the parking lots on your right-hand side. There are parking dispensers in each lot that take Visa/Mastercard or coins. The cost of parking is $7.50 per day.

Recommended Parking Lots

For Workshop days 1 and 2, activities are held in the First Peoples House. Parking Lots 1 and 4 are likely the most convenient choices, with a short walk to the building.

For Workshop days 3 and 4, activities are held primarily in the Bob Wright Centre. Parking Lot 1 is the closest and most convenient lot on days 3 and 4.